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I Just Need a Henchman or Two

An evil genius, plotting to take over the world

Soon all this will be mine!

This guy spends all his spare time scheming to take over world governments. Except for when he is conducting diabolical experiments to perfect his latest gadgets of destruction. Mad scientists never seem to have a decent Plan B so I made sure mine does. Its not much good having a Plan A if some super-secret spy can just come along and spoil it. Expect the unexpected!

Started sketching this character for no apparent reason in my pad and I liked him so much I thought he deserved the full vector treatment. So here he is in all his scheming glory. You can even get a mug if you like him enough.


Zombie reaching towards you

Reach out and touch somebody

One day the zombie apocalypse will come, and then this pic won’t be something you’ll want to look at anymore. There will be too much of the real thing going on outside the boarded up windows of your safe house. So enjoy it while you have the time, If enjoy is the right word. And then make sure you have plenty of tinned food in the cupboard. And a good sharp knife.

I’m not sure about the hand, but its not too far out considering I didn’t have a model around. Quite pleased with the texture of the whole thing, suits the subject I think.

Bizarre Face


An odd face that came out of the end of my pen.

I don’t really know what I was thinking about while I was doodling away. But this is what I came up with. Got a nice sort of odd look to it. Not a lot else to say about this one!

Dragon Doodle

Ink Sketch of a Dragon

Dragons are cool

When you’re stuck for an idea for something to draw, there’s no excuse needed for doing a dragon (at least not for me!) Getting back into the habit of picking up the sketchbook a bit more now which is nice. 🙂  I feel like I get a lot more life into my pictures when I speed up and stop trying to be careful and precise, which is why this guy is nice and scruffy!

Sketching in the garden


Pencil sketch of my house

It was a really nice sunny day here today. So after I finished the boring and tedious stuff I found some time to set myself up in the garden with a nice new sketchbook. And here is the result. Not too bad, I think I put the house on a bit of a diet. It should probably be a bit wider. Also the shed doesn’t look as ready to collapse as it does in real life which can only be a good thing!

Angry face.

Orc eyes looking very cross indeed

Orc(?) eyes. Very cross indeed.

Well here is my first doodle. I started experimenting with brushes in illustrator using a very simple swoop shape and got a bit carried away. Green seemed a natural (if you know what I mean 😉 ) colour once I had all the structure in place and of course you can never beat a complementary colour combo so red eyes became a necessity. I’m quite pleased with the final result, although I’m not sure what it says about me as a person! 😀

Hello wordpress!


So a brand new blog, all empty and ready for stuff! I don’t really now what I’m going to put in here just I’ll just write for a bit and see what happens.

Why a blog? Well I’m trying to persuade myself to become a little more creative and so I thought having somewhere to actually display my stuff might be an idea. I love to doodle and draw little characters and icons and things that just make me smile. So this is where you’ll be seeing some soon. I use Illustrator a lot professionally so that’s what I tend to use for my computer based doodling. Pen and Paper is always good but really who gets round to it these days! 🙂

I love technology and science. Science fiction, comedy (especially british stuff), motorsport and rock music. So expect to see some stuff based around those as well. I like to just learn about interesting stuff so I often find myself sidetracked into subjects that I didn’t even know I wanted to know about.

Here’s hoping you find something interesting to read at some point, thanks for stopping by!

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