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Hello wordpress!


So a brand new blog, all empty and ready for stuff! I don’t really now what I’m going to put in here just I’ll just write for a bit and see what happens.

Why a blog? Well I’m trying to persuade myself to become a little more creative and so I thought having somewhere to actually display my stuff might be an idea. I love to doodle and draw little characters and icons and things that just make me smile. So this is where you’ll be seeing some soon. I use Illustrator a lot professionally so that’s what I tend to use for my computer based doodling. Pen and Paper is always good but really who gets round to it these days! 🙂

I love technology and science. Science fiction, comedy (especially british stuff), motorsport and rock music. So expect to see some stuff based around those as well. I like to just learn about interesting stuff so I often find myself sidetracked into subjects that I didn’t even know I wanted to know about.

Here’s hoping you find something interesting to read at some point, thanks for stopping by!

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